Guide to Involvement

Colleges, Departments, Offices, Student Organizations, Residence Halls, Alumni Groups . . . all members of the UO family are encouraged to connect with the TEDxUOregon experience!  TED is about “Ideas Worth Spreading” so you are invited to create your own initiatives that supports this mission.

Plan an experience and register it with our site so the TEDxUOregon Planning Team can help you promote the event on campus. Submit your program via our Event Application by February 15, 2019.

You could…

  • Show TED Talks from  Show them in classes, at meetings, in lounges, and for co-curricular programming.
  • Host mini-TED Talks: if you could share a big idea in 10 minutes or less, what would you share?  Create forums for such idea-sharing.
  • Post TED Talks on Facebook, Twitter, and any other online media – encourage online dialogue about the ideas shared.
  • Host an “Ideas Worth Spreading” mini-symposium, poster display, or contest (i.e. art, essay, music, design, etc.).
  • Host creative performances, such as dance, spoken word, or music that illustrates “Ideas Worth Spreading.”
  • Design professional development programs around TED Talks.
  • Create space for TED processing spots so people can gather and discuss ideas they learned from TED Talks.

If you have any questions, please submit them to the TEDxUOregon Planning Team: